"I was a beginner and having my camera on during the Zoom class was terrifying, but allowing Marnie to teach and observe was what I signed up for. Marnie’s enthusiasm , humour, and genuine love of Pilates along with her spicy language put me immediately at ease. The initial sessions gave me a good foundation and taught me the terminology.

I was hooked.

I noticed results after the first 10-week beginner series and then I was ready for a new challenge – Props.

Marnie‘s instruction is so helpful. Her constant prompts to breathe and isolate certain body parts helps me know where to focus.

I love the variety of classes and the recordings let me choose where and when I can work out.

I’ve tried several exercise programs but Marnie‘s classes keep me going. Her teaching style is motivating and entertaining.

As I get older, I find core strength and balance increasingly important and Marnie’s classes help me improve and maintain these areas.

Basically, Marnie has been a game changer for me."
Age, 61, Business & Administration Manager
"I have loved doing Marnie's classes over the past many years. Her creativity with the use of all the props keeps each class different and challenging. My body has become stronger in ways that it never did from regular strength training alone. Marnie's instruction and cues are excellent; not to mention she's hilarious and entertaining. Being able to laugh out loud from something she says while I'm doing a workout alone in my living room makes the experience of taking her classes very special. Access to so many recordings offers incredible variety and flexibility to my Pilates workouts. I'll miss her live classes and am still pissed that she's not doing them anymore, but will hop on any pop-up classes she offers!”
Age 57, Insurance broker
"Marnie is hands down the foundation for my love of Pilates for 12 years now. I can wholeheartedly say that she is the only instructor I have ever found who provides the most effective workouts and keeps it fresh every week with new exercises. Her incredible humour that she mixes into the class...you will actually find yourself laughing out loud while you strengthen your core. I have never looked forward to taking anyone’s classes in the history of working out for the past 38 years the way I do with Marnie.”
Age 54, Holistic Nutritionist

""Marnie’s Pilates classes kept me afloat all throughout the pandemic and beyond. Her classes are challenging, but always fun and “spicy”...your thighs will be “on fuego” and your abs “deliciously” sore!"
Age 47, University Professor
"Before trying Pilates I always saw it as “an older person’s workout”. I started Pilates with Marnie when I was 16 years old to prepare my body for back surgery. Little did I know that it would be the best thing I would ever do for my body. I am now 22.

Had it not been for the weekly mat and reformer workouts I would not have recovered as quickly as I did. When it came time for me to leave for university I was devastated because I wouldn’t have my weekly Pilates sessions or as I like to call it “my favourite time of the week”. However, once we discovered Zoom Pilates I was able to continue my weekly sessions with matwork.

Each week Marnie came up with something new using different Pilates props, ordinary household objects, and my bodyweight. What many people don’t realize is that matwork is just as important and can be just as hard, if not harder, than Pilates on a reformer. Doing weekly mat classes kept my body in shape and also worked on areas of my body that I never would have thought could be worked on without a machine. To this day I continue to do matwork because it is so important and so rewarding at the same time.

I tell everyone that Pilates is the best thing I ever did and that Marnie goes the extra mile every week to push me to be the strongest, best version of myself. I will never give up Pilates and I especially will never give it up with Marnie as my instructor."
Age 22, Real Estate Manager
"I had taken some in-studio classes with Marnie but only fully committed to her and Pilates once she went online. I got hooked because the recordings meant I could do classes more frequently than once a week and according to my schedule.

My ideal is props classes four times a week—that’s what I needed to see the big changes in strength and flexibility. Recordings also meant I could switch it up and do four different classes, which is more fun and also better for my body, as I wasn’t always doing the same moves.

I was amazed at the changes as I have exercised regularly my entire adult life and clearly was missing something in my workouts.I have taken express classes and enjoy combining them with a half hour of yoga or some weight training.

In 3+ years I think I’ve only gone to one live class—my body just doesn’t want to move at the times they were available. I also like being able to stop and rewind the recording when I’m learning a new move or even just want to redo a balance move if I’ve fallen over.

I am never bored because Marnie is always changing things up either with props or sequencing. So many online Pilates teachers feel extremely flat. Marnie makes me laugh which helps when it’s really hard and you think you will die if you have to do it one more second!"
Age 58, Writer
"Marnie is an incredible instructor. Her cues and explanation of moves are excellent. With her online classes, even though she is not physically next to you, it feels like she is. I always feel I am doing the moves correctly because not only does she do every rep with you but her cues are excellent. Since taking Marnie's classes I have felt my body get fitter and stronger. There is rarely a day I miss. I would highly recommend any of Marnie’s classes. She is the Pilates queen!”
Age 53, Direct Marketing
"Exceptional instructor! My Pilates journey has been truly transformative under Marnie’s guidance. Her deep knowledge, personalized approach and unwavering support have helped me achieve physical and mental strength like never before. I am beyond grateful for her expertise and passion!"
Age 42, Executive Assistant
"I have been doing Marnie’s Pilates classes since the summer of 2020 and haven’t looked back. My favourites are the body weight express classes—all you need is a mat and 30 minutes, which is perfect for squeezing in before work. Since I started I feel stronger mentally and physically and discovered that I actually do have abs! As a bonus, Marnie’s very personal approach means I almost always get a little giggle during class as well!”

Age 47, Family Physician
"I have had the privilege of doing Pilates with Marnie for a few years and I can’t recommend her enough. As someone who discovered Pilates later in life, I can honestly say that, now, at 55, I am in the best shape of my life. Whether it is an in-person, virtual or group class setting, Marnie is an exceptional instructor who is clearly committed to helping her clients achieve their fitness goals and be the best versions of themselves. I have really appreciated her high energy and quick wit as she skillfully pushes me out of my comfort zone to get to the next level. The thought and ingenuity she puts into her classes are next level (I’m still in awe of the magic circle/theraband combo), with every class being fresh, different and incredibly effective. If you’re looking for someone who will 'kick your ass' in a fun, supportive and creative way, Marnie’s it!”
Age 55, Director, Human Resources
"Week to week, for over two years now, whenever I get Marnie’s email recording, it’s like opening a gift! I cannot wait to see what she has in store for my body. She is creative, challenging, supportive, swears like a trucker and is oh so strong. I love how she pushes me to stay connected to my body, to the moves and to the inner strength I did not know I had. The recordings have been so perfect for me, as I am an early riser and like to get my workouts done before 7am! Her pilates genius is beyond any other I have experienced before. I literally sent her messages after a particularly amazing class to let her know how much she kicked my 52- year-old ass (and how much I loved every minute of it). She keeps me engaged from warm-up to cool down. I feel grounded, strong, empowered and fantastic after each and every class. I cannot wait to see what she has up her sleeve next! In words true to form, I f*&^%ng love Marnie!"
Age 52, Social Worker
"Marnie got me into shape and kept me in shape all throughout Covid - not an easy feat considering the opposite was true for so many during this challenging time.

Prior to Covid I attended Marnie’s Pilates classes in a local gym once a week. She was a great instructor but my fitness had plateaued. I attended other gym classes intermittently when my schedule afforded me the time. But once gyms closed down, Marnie quickly shifted to online Zoom classes, offering us the same quality instruction and personalized feedback that we received during in-person gym sessions. All of a sudden, my fitness skyrocketed and my weight dropped because Marnie’s Zoom classes were not only live once a week, but were then available anytime, anywhere for one month after the class was uploaded to her platform.

I was easily able to do five one-hour classes per week from the comfort of my own home and I felt really great! I looked strong and felt strong. Friends and colleagues noticed my improved fitness and health.

Marnie switches up the props and Pilates moves each class so you never get bored and always feel challenged. She’s constantly adding new combinations and working muscles you never knew you had while always including strengthening of the core. Marnie offers ‘trendy’ wall classes, HIIT classes and great props to keep classes fun and interesting. She has a way of breaking down her instruction to make the moves easy to follow and allows you to focus on improving your movement every time you complete the class.

Having both 30 and 60 minute classes available means you never have an excuse not to fit in a workout.

I would recommend Marnie’s classes for both new and experienced Pilates students as she offers something for everyone."
Age 55, Occupational Therapist