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your body,
your goals,
your future

Move Anytime, Anywhere.

your body, your goals, your future

Move Anytime, Anywhere.

Welcome To Your Pilates Adventure Playground!

Anytime, Anywhere

MA PILATES is a library of athletic conditioning workouts that use the Pilates principles and its foundational exercises as a base, then supercharges them! 

MA PILATES pushes your limits in a safe and challenging way to strengthen, tone and sculpt parts of your body you never thought possible.  With attention to both the large and minutia muscles, MA PILATES leaves you feeling the work for days while craving MORE!

Why This Membership is Your New Happy Place...

Anytime, Anywhere:

With your online Pilates membership, you're calling the shots on your schedule. Whether it's a sunrise sweat session, a midday or midnight rendezvous with your mat – it's your call.

Challenge Yourself:

MA PILATES is here to reveal the strength you never knew you had. It’s about changing your body and transforming your perspective on what you can achieve.

Flexibility Rules:

Whether you've got 30 or 60 minutes, want to use props or just bodyweight there’s tons of choice! MA PILATES allows you to sculpt your workouts around your life.

“Exceptional instructor! My Pilates journey has been truly transformative under Marnie’s guidance.”
Age 42, Executive Assistant
“The thought and ingenuity she puts into her classes are next level.”
Age 55, Director, Human Resources
“Her classes are challenging but always fun and spicy!”
Age 47, University Professor
“So many online Pilates teachers feel extremely flat. Marnie makes me laugh, which helps when it’s really hard.”
Age 58, Writer

What Are You Waiting For?


MA Pilates Membership

CA $24.99

Monthly Unlimited

Access to over 250 athletic inspired Pilates classes.

Lock in for an Annual Membership – Limited time offer $249.99! 


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MA Pilates Membership

2 Months for Only $40 CND!!

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