Let's Explore MA Pilates

After three years of LIVE online and close to 300 classes taught, these beloved classes are now accessible to you anytime, anywhere! 

This is a Pilates platform that breaks free from the traditional, stuffy approach. Here, the goal is for you to embrace fun, laughter and a relaxed atmosphere while experiencing kick-ass workouts and empowering results. It’s all about finding joy in movement and creating a space where you can be your authentic self.

not your typical instructor

I hated my first Pilates class.

It was slow and controlled and I’m neither of those things. Well, at least I wasn’t…yet.

I was a runner, a cardio junkie, training for back-to-back half marathons.

When I woke up the morning after that first class, my body said: “F&%K!! What did you do? 

Whatever it was…do more of it!”

And so I did! At first, mat work classes three times a week.

After six months my body completely changed. I was tighter, toner, stronger, and abs for days! WTF???

Then I added a private reformer session each week and I was hooked on all the things!

After a few years, my Pilates instructor encouraged me to take my certification and I have never looked back.

My clients range from 18 years old to 65. But you can start at any age (the earlier the better).  Make MA PILATES your new focus or add it to your current weekly fitness routine. Pilates will go the distance with you…balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, toning, tightening—this shit is for real and I want you to crave all its goodness as much as I do every damn day.

I’m a married mom of two beautiful daughters. My family constantly makes fun of me and my Pilates terminology “deep inhale and exhale” and “pull your belly button to spine,” but they are the most supportive, amazing humans. They pushed me to get certified 12 years ago, have encouraged me to maintain my personal Pilates practice for the past 15 years, and love me and my madness unconditionally (but mostly because I have a “SHE SHED” in my backyard where I filmed everything in this library and it didn’t compete with their Netflix schedules). In my other life, I’m a Television Producer…but that’s a whole other story for another day and a different website where people know me as Marnie Sugarman.

Now go on, take the free trial or subscribe already!

Now go on, take the free trial or subscribe already!

“Marnie got me into shape and kept me in shape all throughout Covid…friends and colleagues noticed my improved fitness and health.”
Age 55, Occupational Therapist
“Even though she is not literally next to you, it feels as if she is.”
Age 53, Direct Marketing
“Marnie's instruction and cues are excellent; not to mention she's hilarious and entertaining.”
Age 57, Insurance broker
“She is creative, challenging, supportive, swears like a trucker and is oh so strong. I feel grounded, strong, empowered and fantastic after each and every class.”
Age 52, Social Worker