Class Types

Classes Made Just For You

You can take classes at random based on what you have available to you, or choose to take an entire progressive series. 

Beginner Classes help you start from scratch. Never worked out? Never done Pilates? Need a kick start? Start here. It’s a 10-week program and all you need is a mat. Click on Beginner Class 1 and read how to complete this series. Once you’re done here you’re ready for any other class in the library.

Props classes run 55 – 60 minutes and may use one or more props. You probably have many of these props already at home but if you don’t head directly on the MA PILATES “shopping” page! (click here to see the list of props)

XPRESS Classes run 25-30 minutes and are all Bodyweight. This is the quick and dirty class that gives you that sweaty “holy shit” fix when you’re pressed for time or traveling. 

There are days when I just can’t resist shaking things up a bit. This is that category where I intro a few random props and/or specialty sessions. 


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I started Pilates with Marnie when I was only 16 years old. I tell everyone that Pilates is the best thing I ever did. Marnie goes the extra mile every week to push me to be the strongest, best version of myself.
Jaime Hyman
Age 22, Real Estate Manager

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